Startup Registration

Start a Startup Company has taken over the mindset of Indian businessmen. Over the last couple of years, there has been a huge change in the psychology of the India’s business class. India as a country has previously until quite recently been a predominantly a country where corporations that were based outside the country ran the economy. Company affiliated to sectors like telecom, banking, finance, petroleum was majorly and predominantly American based household corporations. There are few examples to support the line of argument which will prove inconclusively about the validity of the statement that is put into contention. Major business houses like IBM, Cognizant and Google were market leaders in technological consulting. Other players which were powerhouses in their domain were JP Morgan, American Express from banking to list a few and from the petroleum side were ENRON, SHELL and BP (British Petroleum) which in a group are also called collectively as seven sisters. The advantage of having a strong homegrown company is that it reaps huge revenues that company owners are rewarded and develops the economy and creates a thriving ecosystem that help other players the enthusiasm and believe to Start a Startup Company. The government also acts as a help as they also change their priority by pushing up the agenda of giving the startup and their mission a leg up and modify and formulate policy decision which favors them. These reforms acts as a catalyst and acts as a fuel .These rules and regulations are formulated in such a way so that the Startup can take full advantage while framing their decision of expanding or raising funds or getting rebates and even tax cut. The Indian government has incorporated the startup into their decision making and has given time and effort by launching an initiative called Startup India, urging and giving a call to the youth to Start a Startup Company and exploiting the entrepreneurship spirit that is left untapped for many years.

 Royal Tax Solution is in line with the framework the government has laid down committing itself to the task to help give flight to the thoughts and aspiration of the young entrepreneurs that have disruptive idea about the way business should run. The radical way of looking into a problem through a new lens gives a fresh life and perspective which had been lacking previously. These new innovative approaches have resulted in solving problems of that were primarily country specific problems like providing last mile coverage, infrastructure problems and lack of connectivity. These problems are slowly being dealt with startup using this fertile ground to create a business model and solving problems where none of the populace is left behind and can reap rewards. Royal Tax Solution acts as Startup Consultant guiding them about the Startup India Registration Process.

Startup India Registration Process consists of seven easy steps that help a founding company to get established under Startup India Registration banner.

  1. Incorporation of business.
  2. Register with startup India
  3. Documents submission.
  4. Tax benefits.
  5. Get recognition number.
  6. Fulfill all the above points.
  7. Other areas.