ROC Return Filing for OPC Company

Every company is required as stipulated by the law to submit an audited account of their financial documents like the balance sheet and income statement and other useful forms within a minimum of one month or 30 days and a maximum of two months or 60 days from the date of their annual general meeting to the Registrar of Company which is the sole statutory body authorized for One Person Company ROC Annual Return Filing. One Person Company in according to the Compliance and Annual Filing for One Person Company can be formed according to the legal books by a single individual who can act both as a shareholder and a director of the company. The rules clearly lays out the steps that the company has to abide by which consists of a number of steps. The activity that the company has to follow if they want to be eligible for One Person Company Annual Filing is to comply and fulfill the requirements calling exactly one board meeting for every six month and the other has to be conducted in the next six month or the second half of the month along with appointing a statutory body consisting and headed by the auditor, with the balance sheet and profit and loss account and the notes of the auditor. The company is also exempted from preparing a cash flow statement.

One Person Company OPC Compliance and Annual Filing requires that mandatory steps needs to follow like the notice that has to be produced which according to the rules are sent to the shareholders, the reports that the board of director convene, all the financial statements with the schedules, all the financial statement. Royal Tax Solution gives the client the utmost help support relating to Annual Filing of One Person Company with ROC along with the professional advice having in ground knowledge details about the entire process of how to incorporate a one person company (OPC) along with the steps about the authorities that needs to be intimated or have to get approval from , the forms and filings that needs to be filled up while setting up and establishing which confirms and is under the framework of Indian Companies Act ,which also includes section 129 and section 137. The annual return the essential document that is the most important of One Person Company Annual Filing is regulated by section 92 of the Companies Act 2013 and Companies Act 2014.