Registration of Shop and Establishment

Shop and Establishment Act is a rule of law that lays down the regulations and norms the establishment has to institutionalize when it comes to the ambience or the environment of the establishment, the work environment of the workers, and the shop or establishment employees as employees. This law is valid and applied across the country. Every business that gets registered under the act has to follow rules and regulations that is clearly spelt out and written in the Shop and Establishment Act. The law is applicable to every foundation like small corner shops, hotels, and restaurants providing services like fooding-lodging and many other types of similar services. The Shop and Establishment Act dictates that the shop or other institution that gets its affiliation under the umbrella has to get registered with in thirty days (30 days) despite the business has started to function or operate.

Obtaining Shops and Establishment License has much benefit that aims to guarantee its workers equal rights irrespective of the nature of the establishment be it a cinema hall, theatre, cafeteria or any hotel is the first of the benefit of Shop Establishment Registration renders to the management of the establishment. Second benefit of the Act is, it sets up a framework of rules that puts a cap on the time the worker has to work in the particular establishment. To reframe the sentence it sets up the timeframe that the worker puts in daily. The law also has a special paragraph relating to the enlistment or hiring of female or juvenile and has to keep a separate records for such employment contracts being offered. The Act also instructs the management of the establishment to celebrate and give holidays on all national occasion as our country is a nation consisting of many religion and is secular to the core of the heart. The employees also are entitled to casual leaves and for female employees a special provision is made for the maternity leaves if such scenario does take place. All shops and foundations should join under the businesses and organization within 30 days from the date of commencing. Additionally, this enlistment is the essential permit which is a necessity for other certificate license. To order and procure the shops and foundation license, PAN card of the shop proprietor or the foundation itself, a photocopy of the rental agreement or deal deed and data about the representatives is required.

There are documents that needs to be filled up and verified when Apply for Registration Certificate for Shops & Establishments. The list of documents that is to be furnished during the Kolkata Shops & Establishments registration is as follows:

  1. Shop and business address proof
  2. ID Proof
  3. PAN Card
  4. Payment Challan
  5. Additional business

Shop and Establishment Registration Fees comprises of two components. The first of the two components is the cost or fees that needs to be paid by the management of the organization to the governments which amounts to Rs 500 (five hundred rupees only) and the other half amounts to Rs 1500 (one thousand five hundred rupees only) which is paid under the head as professional tax. Trademark Registration for shops and establishments are also one of the major aspects to be considered.