ROC Return Filing for LLP Company

ROC Filing for LLP in India must be done before a timeframe of sixty days (60days) after the financial year ends and statement of account and insolvency for a maximum period of thirty days (30 Days) after six months after the closure of the financial year. Limited Liability Company or LLP which is an exception from other forms have to maintain a financial calendar starting from 1st of April of the beginning of any financial year to the next year till 31st March. Just to illustrate if there is any company which has adopted the limited liability structure for incorporating the organization will be mandatory by the law to follow a financial year which starts from 1st of April till the 31st March. As the law states out very clearly and explicitly the annual return of the concerned LLP will be due on the month of May 30th as the financial year ends and the time period which is at maximum permissible limit is set for sixty days (60days) before which the documents concerning LLP ROC Annual Return Filing have to be submitted to the authorities which are the ROC or the also known as Registrar of Companies which have located in different parts of the country for easy facilitation of  Annual Filing For LLP organizations and corporations throughout India.

The Statement of account and insolvency which also is an important document in LLP Annual Filing procedure has to be filled up with the proper standards according to the Companies Act and registered and submitted after prior approval from the auditor also the statutory body have to be submitted to the Registrar of the company (ROC) latest on the day of the statements are ready and stretching for a maximum period which ends on 30th October of the next financial year. Besides the submission of all the important above mentioned documents the limited liability company (LLP) also have prepare a income tax record for every financial year and the document also have to submitted to the concerned authority which is Registrar of Company(ROC) though it is devoid of any such fixation regarding the last date of submission. Royal Tax Solution provides Compliance and Annual Filing for LLP services at affordable and cost effective approach.

LLP ROC Annual Return Filing must contain filling up of different forms which has their own significance and importance. The reason for such a complex procedure is to establish and ascertain the organization is in full compliance as to the different law that the Act as stipulated and the company fall within the ambit of the law.

 LLP Compliance and Annual Filing requires filling up of basically four forms which has different purpose of its own which takes care of various areas of the business. Form 11 is one such form that LLP are mandatory to fill up when they ROC Annual Return Filing for LLP which takes care of the details regarding the total number of partners, their contributions received and information on body corporate. The others forms are form 8 and tax audit along with IT (Income Tax) return filing.