Start NGO/Section 8 Company

The non-governmental organization is the full form of the acronym that is being known by many as simply NGO. Among the various structure companies adopt, which depends upon the choice of the management and the also on the stage of the maturity the organization is in, the mostly widely and popular among the many various types that exist, NGO is the most popular and prevalent which has  special feature which sets itself apart from the rest in the lot. There are good and definitive reasons for the popularity among the general public at large because of the field or the area that they choose to operate in and which in itself is very unique and in general being overlooked or neglected by corporations and big business houses which focus their financial prowess and man power on projects where the profitability is high besides using lobbying as one of tools to help formulate policy that suits them. These unattended areas are the most important for society’s development as a whole. To give some example of the daunting challenges that are dealt exclusively by NGO (Non-governmental organizations) are in the areas of affordable housing, low cost healthcare, affordable and available education, climate change and issues related to awareness building of gender discrimination, poverty, inequality and religious diversity. This special type of organization as the name clearly indicates is the proxy of government agencies carrying on the mantle and fulfilling the task and they embody the same philosophy and principle that is the driving force for every government across the world. Here at Royal Tax Solution, we understand the role these institutions play and provide support for section 8 non profit company registration that helps them to aid in the establishment of their business that adhere and follow a no profit and no gain motto business model. As it is also known as a different head as NGO (Non-governmental Organization) and we at Royal Tax Solution also render and help register NGO under Section 8.

Internet has been a boon and proved advantageous to business houses as it helps connecting consumers, vendors and suppliers. The platform has been a revolution in every aspect as it has redefined the entire landscape of conducting business because it has reduced time while reducing boundaries. At Royal Tax Solution, we understand the importance of the medium so we help NGO registration online. We also help with section 8 company registration online which is the section in the government regulatory body that is the footnote for any corporation wanting to incorporate their business as an register NGO under Section 8 or as section 8 non profit company registration dealing with the details of that needs to be adhered to for proper rightful set up of the organization and it also includes all the rules and regulations of the land.

At Royal Tax Solution, we also understand that India is a country which is vast stretching and shares boundaries with more than four nations with population that majorly live under poverty or just above the BPL line. The country also is the home to seventh of the world population and is the second most populace country in the planet. Organizations helping the deprived people like UNICEF, OXFAM are some of the many contributing to social causes. We also help abroad organization to understand the online NGO registration process in India.