GST Registration

Goods and Services Tax or in an another acronym that it is known popularly in the business world is the new entrant in the long list of reforms that has been introduced in the Indian Economy in the last term of the government along with Demonetization, both of the reforms aimed at cleaning up system by putting up a ecosystem that is business-friendly and more flexible along with being efficient which is of utmost important call of the hour for India to graduate itself from the list of being a developing country to a underdeveloped country .The GST regime to put it simply is the administration that saves a lot of time and money and is a single window clearance for clearance of all the tax claims that is in due time has to be paid to the government. The tax that is deducted from business houses because government needs to pay for the share of business the business conducts and it is the accumulated finances it collects they plough the resources back to society so to keep the cycle of progress and development in motion. We, here at Royal Tax Solution, understand the viability and importance of the tax in hand because one should not pay more than the desired share or the part of the share it is expected to be paid. Our employees at Royal Tax Solution are experienced industry veterans with vast knowledge amassed through their intellectual capability in understanding financial concepts with clarity and sound understanding helps business houses management about how to get their organization stay ahead of the curve and get GST registration company online India done for organizations for every types of business from startups to established organizations. We at Royal Tax Solution also help corporations how to register for the GST online handholding them in every turn.

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We, here at Royal Tax Solution apart from rendering services like get online GST registration or GST registration online also provide a specialized type or niche type of service which caters to the need of organization which are keen on setting up their operation in India and to help them understand the Indian taxing system. We at Royal Tax Solution supervise, consult and discuss in detail GST registration process in India and also about how to register for the GST online in India so that the company can put in their resources which will help them leave a long lasting mark on the Indian business space.

We at Royal Tax Solution also understand that understanding alone does not help until and unless things get downright and correct till the last details, so we here also assist with the documents required for GST registration that helps the company registered so that they resolve pay and complete all their tax related issues involving minimum time within a single click.
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Eligibility for GST Registration

Upon Reaching Turnover of 20 Lakh

You are required to acquire GST Registration if the current supply of your goods or services is over 20 lakh. In case your business operates only in the North Eastern States, then you need to obtain the GST Registration upon reaching the turnover of 10 lakh.

Inter-State Sales or Service Provider

GST Registration is mandatory regardless of the turnover for anyone who isinvolved in supplying goods or services to another state. This is also applicable for the online service providers serving customers on an inter-state basis.

E-commerce Operator

E-commerce operators can be referred to as the individuals or groups who own, operates and as well manages the E-commerce digital platform. For example: Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc.

Vendors Selling Via E-commerce Portals

The term refers to the individuals who are engaged in supplying goods and services via E-commerce sites.

Importers & Non – Residents

The GST Registration is inescapable for any non-resident individual or enterprise who supplies goods and services in India regardless of the turnover.

Online Information Provider

It is obligatory to register for the GST despite the turnover for any person supplying online information and database services from outside of India to a person residing in India.
Differences Between CGST, SGST and IGST

Central GST (CGST)

For supplies of goods and services WITHIN the state or Intra-State (when the consumer and the supplier are in the same state), two taxes are levied. One part of the tax is levied by the State Government while the rest is levied by the Central Government. The part of the tax levied by the Central Government is termed as Central GST or CGST.

State GST (SGST)

State GST or SGST is the part of the tax levied on each and every good and services on all intra-state trade (trade in same state) and are collected by the state government.

Integrated GST (IGST)

For supplies of goods and services BETWEEN two states or Inter-State (when the consumer and the supplier are in two different states), IGST or Inter-State tax is levied by the Central Government. The IGST is applicable in only Inter-State trade.