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Private Limited Company is the most opted routes when it comes for adoption of the type of business houses that corporate legal entity in India adopts. The registration of a private limited Company is governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Companies Act, 2013 and the Companies Incorporation Rules, 2014. To get a business registered as a private limited company, there has to be at least two shareholders and two directors. Features like limited liability protection to shareholders, ability to raise funds, a separate legal entity status to the entity (company) and indefinite existence are among the many distinctive features which make it the most preferred type of business entity for many small and medium sized businesses that are family owned or professionally managed. Royal Tax Solution is the online private limited company registration firm providing services to its clients  establishing and formulating  company registration  in India and will help you get a label of a  private limited company. The firm also caters to different aspect of the guiding the business acumen and help organization with steps of how to start private limited company in India and also help with the documents required for pvt ltd company.

The organization provides and renders services like  business registration  to established companies  and also provide services  to early incubators startup registration in Kolkata for  budding entrepreneurs wanting to establish a legal entity and take the organization to the next level providing them with the professional help and handholding them with the legal steps like how to register private limited company that usually is a difficult and a complicated task as there are many overlapping rules and regulations that needs a professional sales tax consultant expert guidance filings that usually makes the process easier and simple while getting registered.

To break it down into simple understandable language that can easily be interpreted  term Private means that it is owned by an individual or a group of individual generally called a corporate that can be of defined by the number of participants that  have decided to establish the legal entity. It is not a public entity which on the contrary is being owned and managed by the government entity which has a shareholding in the company.

Limited in commercial terms means the exposure the partners which can be a minimum of 2 or the maximum of 200 as per the instruction in the companies Act 2013 before the registration of the company. Private limited companies legal formalities are sometimes a very hectic and time consuming process which also our team of expert renders services and guide with the documents required for pvt ltd company and help build a proper understanding of the whole process that is acceptable under the current yet evolving legal framework.

Building any organization from the scratch or from the bottom up not only requires a vision and a mission but also a proper understanding of the business environment , the sector the company is competing and the products and services it offers to its customers or consumers. Just as the ideas plan and the strategy are put to test for the future course which is being laid by the founding members or the management similarly the quality of services or the products offered are also closely monitored by the quality assessment team each company employs. On a same basis the financial documents like balance sheets and income statements are also the report cards of firms’ viability and financial strength which needs a proper conditioning on a periodic basis. Keeping this thought in mind the company also has designed a step to take care by rendering income tax consultant in Kolkata for a sound and professional management of business finances.

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Director’s personal assets have limited liability protection

Startup often requires borrowing money and taking things on the credit. In normal Partnerships, if by any chance the company fails to repay its loans; both partner’s personal savings and properties come under major risk. But with one person private limited company, personal assets of the director remains safe with losing only the investment in business.

A market with better credibility and image

OPC have rooted its business long enough to be a popular and well established business. It is a Private Limited Company in India. Instead of dealing with proprietorship firms, Corporate Customers, Vendors, and Govt. agencies desire for Private Limited Company.

Simple to lift up the funds and loans

Unlike LLPs and OPCs, Pvt. Ltd. Company enjoys a huge range of options to raise funds through Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, and bank loans.

Investors for favourite business structure

Private Limited companies are investor’s favourite for it is properly structured and are less strings attached. The best thing about it is it’s very easy to get an exit from a private limited company.

Employs are easy to allure

Putting together a team and keeping them engaged with the private limited company for a very long time can be quite challenging for startups.  It is much easier to hire them, motivate them with corporate designations and stock options.

Sell it easily

Due to less cost involved in selling a Pvt. Ltd. Company, they become very easy to sell.