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Director’s personal assets get limited liability protection

Startup many times tends to borrow money and take the credit.  Normal Partnerships often suffers heavy risk in terms of personal savings and property if in case the business fails to repay its loans. In one person private limited company, person assets of the director remain safe while business investment only suffers.

Market marks with better credibility and image

LLP is considered to have a well known a well known business structure with popularity rising      high.  Corporate Customers, Vendors and Govt. Agencies opt for LLP instead of proprietorship or normal partnerships.

Minimal consent and no audit requirement

While LLP is very simple to control but statutory audit is not preferable for Limited Liability Partnership. LLPs do not even need the Tax audit with capital less than Rs.25 lac and turnover not more than Rs.40 lac.


Business Continuity

LLP carries on being existed beyond the existence of its partners whereas this remains impossible for traditional partnership firms.